What does good SEO look like?

What does good SEO look like?

We provide keyword research and complete content marketing strategies to many clients. We’re often asked what kind of results can be expected – what does good SEO look like?
The image above shows 2 years of organic traffic growth for one of our clients. In case you’re wondering, organic traffic is people who visit your site after searching for something on Google or Bing. These visitors do not click on any ads but instead click on a link in the search results.

Basically, organic traffic is FREE traffic sent by Google & Bing.

Getting free traffic is the overall goal of search engine optimization. By taking the time to build a solid foundation of content on a site, we can build and keep a steady stream of traffic coming. And once you are established at the top of certain search results, it can be very difficult for competing businesses to overtake you. A winning SEO content strategy can help you dominate your competition.

In the screenshot above, our client gets 84% of their traffic for FREE from Google & Bing.

How did we do it? We started off with keyword research and the maxim that every page provides an opportunity to rank on top for a specific keyword. We then advised on which keywords to target for the site content and blog posts. Then it was up to the client to write the posts, starting with one post per week.
It takes about 6 months to start seeing results from consistent blogging. You can see that the after our SEO services began that the results were unpredictable for the first 3 months. This included a lot of site organization, tweaking and submissions to the search engines. From 3 to 6 months traffic became steady and after 6 months, traffic rose steadily. That’s what can be expected!
Then, due to circumstance, our client had to stop blogging and traffic slowly declined. You’ll notice that the decline is much, much slower than the rise. That shows you how maintaining dominance is possible. Once you’re on top, you’ll be really, really hard to knock off.
Once they started blogging again, their traffic went up too. The best practice is to blog steadily and keep building your foundation. Starting off at one blog a week is a must but after 6 months you can reduce it is 1-2 posts per month.

If you don’t stop, your free traffic numbers will keep growing and growing – and your competitors will get farther and farther behind you!

If you’re ready to take the leap and start building your free traffic foundation, contact us!

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