How to stop Google Analytics from tracking you on your own website

How to stop Google Analytics from tracking you on your own website

As a website owner, you visit your website more often than anyone else.  You’ll go to blog, reply to comments, check to see if everything looks good, etc.

Unfortunately that also means your statistics aren’t accurate because they’ll be skewed heavily towards your own activities.  Thankfully, Google has a setting to remove yourself from being tracked on your own website.

Step 1: Find out your IP address

Go to, see what your IP address is and write it down.  It will be in the format and will be listed at the very top of the page.

Step 2: Go to Google Analytics

Go to and login. Click the Admin link at the top, then click Filters in the left-most column.

Step 3: Add a new filter

Cick the red +New Filter button.

Step 4: Configure the filter settings

Time to configure the filter – got your IP address handy?

  1. Give your filter a name, like ‘Home’ or ‘Office’
  2. Leave the filter type as predefined filter.
    • The first dropdown should say exclude.
    • In the middle dropdown select traffic from IP addresses
    • Leave the last dropdown as that are equal to
  3. In the IP Address fields, enter your IP address.  Leave IPV6 unchecked.
  4. In the Apply Filter to Views section, choose your website name in the left column and click the Add button in the middle to select it.
    • I selected everything in the left (Available Views) column to prevent tracking myself on all of my sites.
    • The left column should also show your website’s name and not ‘All Web Site Data.’  I’ve been using Google Analytics for 10+ years and that’s all my old sites that I haven’t named correctly.  All of my new sites at the bottom of the list are named properly.
  5. Click Save at the bottom and you’re done!

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