Postcard Marketing for Local Businesses

Are online ads doing less and less for you?

Online ads are easy to ignore or annoying. Neither of those things is good for your business.

Separate yourself from your competitors with personalized, handwritten postcards that your customers can hold in their hands and have higher conversion rates.

You can find new customers, offer deals to existing customers, warm up leads, or send postcards to your website visitors with automatic, personalized cards.

What is postcard marketing?

Postcard marketing is modernized and targeted direct mail 📬

You can reach a targeted audience with promotions, announcements, and offers using personalized postcards.

It might seem old-fashioned but people still prefer physical mail: according to the USPS, 86% of people take the time to go through all their mail1.

Here’s why you want to give potential customers something they can really hold on to: only 44% could recall a brand after seeing an online ad but 75% could recall a brand after receiving direct mail.

And direct mail offers convert 10% to 20% more too2.

Here’s a postcard message personalized with the recipient’s name (Hey Marcus) and city (Durham homeowners). The QR code is customizable and will notify you when it’s scanned.
Send gift cards that can’t be redeemed unless the recipient takes an action – and only pay for gift cards if they get redeemed.

Direct mail + data + automation = MAGIC 🪄

Modern postcard marketing combines an old school method with today’s technology

Use your audience data to send the right offer to your most reliable customers, or ask for reviews and referrals.

You can personalize messages with their name or other data to let them know it’s not one-size-fits-all direct mail.

You can send gift cards3 – and require that recipients watch a video or make an appointment before they can cash it in.

You can make drip campaigns with postcards and automate thank you notes, birthday wishes, houseiversaries, send postcards to your website visitors with direct mail retargeting – and even send postcards from your CRM.

Find new customers near you 🗺️

Search around an address to find new customers

You have the option to buy leads and filter them with detailed demographics so you can find new customers easily and cheaply (as little as $0.03/lead).

Buy leads in your city, or in a specific zip code or around your address to reach the people mostly likely to become new customers.

The possibilities are endless. Imagine:

  • Realtors sending Just Listed postcards around the listing address
  • Home Services Contractors looking for new customers in the neighborhood they’re working in
  • Barbershops & Hair Salons offering a new customer deal to residents near them
Here’s a realtor looking for homeowners in single family homes around their office address.

Or search around your business address to find new local B2B customers

Here’s a search looking for mom & pop businesses that aren’t a franchise or a chain.

You can buy leads for local businesses! Search for businesses by type or SIC code – and filter by business size, years in business, and more.

Find businesses local to you, or search in new cities or zip codes to increase the size of your market.


  • Restaurants, Bars, & Cafes finding new repeat customers by sending deals to offices & small businesses around them
  • A Yoga Studio offering deals to let local businesses know their employees can get their yoga on without another drive
  • A Print Shop gaining new customers from local businesses who want to spend their money in their own community

Measure, track, and optimize to your heart’s content

Gather data, learn what works, and measure your ROI down to the penny 🪙

  • Use QR codes to send customers to a specific landing page – and then use the scan data to learn who your hottest leads are.
  • (partner link) can send the contact details for your new leads to your CRM so you can follow up with them the way you’re used to.4
  • Then track your results, check your stats, and optimize your campaigns. With a steady stream of new leads, contacts, and customers, the sky is the limit.
Detailed stats are available for every campaign. You’ll know what works, what doesn’t work, and what your ROI is.

And it can all be automated with your CRM5. You can focus on what you do best and drip cards and letters in a sequence or send the right message at the right time – triggered by your CRM.

Perfect for:

Local Businesses

  • Local Auto Dealerships
  • Local Clothing Stores
  • Local Community Colleges
  • Local Doctors & Dentists
  • Local Fitness Clubs
  • Local Hair Salons & Barbershops
  • Local Home Goods Stores
  • Local Home Renovation & Remodeling Companies
  • Local Home Services Contractors
  • Local Lawyers
  • Local Midwives & Doulas
  • Local Mom & Pop Stores
  • Local Nursing, Medical, Beauty and IT Training SchoolsLocal Private & Parochial Schools
  • Local Print Shops
  • Local Realtors
  • Local Restaurants & Cafés
  • Local Roofing Companies
  • Local Sporting Goods Stores
  • Local Tutors & Tutoring Companies
  • Local Window Companies
  • Local Yoga Studios

Internet & National Businesses

  • Business-to-Business (B2B) Products & Services
  • CRM & other SAAS Software
  • E-commerce Websites
  • Financial Services Companies
  • Membership Websites
  • Online Coaches, Teachers, Tutors, and Trainers
  • Travel, Experience Tour, and Vacation Agencies

Interested in what postcards can do for your business?

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Are the postcards really handwritten?

The handwriting is provided by handmade fonts. 12 handwritten fonts are available, in various styles from cursive to print/block. There is also one non-handwritten font.

Are only postcards available or are there other options?

There are two sizes of postcards (4×6 and 6×9), windowed letters, windowless letters, notecards, and gift cards.

How much does it cost to mail things?

There are two pricing tiers, for free accounts and business accounts.

Free account pricing:

4×6 Postcard6×9 PostcardWindowed LetterWindowless LetterNotecardGiftcard

Business account pricing:

4×6 Postcard6×9 PostcardWindowed LetterWindowless LetterNotecardGiftcard

How much does the service cost?

A business account is $49/mo, and includes $49 in postage credits – so the first month is free. If you sign up through our partner link, we’re offering an additional $49 in postage credits to give you 2 free months to try the service out.

We can also be hired a la carte for individual marketing campaigns. It’s $50 (plus postage) for the first campaign, and $30 (plus postage) for subsequent campaigns.

What kind of personalization is possible?

Postcard personalization is just like the mail merge tags used in bulk mailings. Contact information like first names can be used in messages. Instead of starting a message with a generic Hi! we can address it to the recipient: Hi Janet!

Who is (partner link)

We’ve partnered with to provide this service and offer 2 free months. provides the infrastructure and technology, and we provide the local marketing and design. is an American company, based in the good ol’ USA, and Bricks & Clicks is located in Durham, NC.

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  3. Gift cards require a business account. []
  4. This is done with the API or Zapier. []
  5. If your CRM supports Zapier []