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What’ the #1 thing humans value most? Predictability.

What’ the #1 thing humans value most? Predictability.

predictability [pri-dik-tuh-bil-i-tee] 1. consistent repetition of a state, course of action, behavior, or the like, making it possible to know in advance what to expect. 2. the quality of being regarded as likely to happen, as behavior or an event. Professionals love meetings that happen on the agreed-upon time.  Homeowners love plumbers who show up on time. Business owners love employees who arrive on time, day after day.  People like chain restaurants because the quality of food is consistent.  True friends are people whose behavior is predictable – they’ll listen to […]
How to create an outline for your website

How to create an outline for your website

When starting a new website design – or relaunching an existing site – consider everything you know about your target customers and start sketching an outline for the site. From this outline, you can build a sitemap (a flowchart-like diagram) that shows how you can organize all the content in the site. This post will cover […]
How to buy a domain name

How to buy a domain name

Every business needs their own domain name – an address on the internet like We use and recommend Namecheap because They are super easy to use They give you suggestions if the domain you want is taken They don’t try to upsell you on a ton of stuff you don’t need Domains are bought from a registrar […]
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