Online reviews matter

Online reviews are the difference between a business growing – or stagnating. The modern shopper researches online and reads reviews before making a decision – and before stepping into a store.

The goal of this service is to build social proof and increase organic traffic. Google favors businesses with more reviews, recent reviews and better overall reviews. This service can be a huge boost if you have a small number of reviews. It can also help bury bad reviews.

The end goal of this service is to increase the number of customers you see daily and lead to a direct increase in revenue.

How it works:

65% of customers conduct online product research before stepping foot in a store.11

Local searches lead 50% Of mobile visitors To visit stores within 24 hours.12

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After that, we do the heavy lifting

The majority of your customers will be interested in your offer, so they’ll text the codeword on the card and opt in. Here’s what happens next:

  1. After they text the codeword, we’ll text them their discount and note that it expires in 30 days. 
  2. 5 minutes later, we’ll ask them if they received good service today.
  3. If they reply Yes, we’ll send them a link to review you (wherever you want more reviews).
  4. If they reply No, we’ll send them a link to a private site to leave you feedback. We will immediately deliver the feedback to your email for you to review and act on.


That’s it – it’s simple, uncomplicated and effective.

What you get:

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Your customers have an incentive to come back (and return within 30 days). This helps you build customer loyalty. And the more they receive good service, the more likely they are to bring their friends.

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Once they’ve received their offer, your customers will feel good about you. It’s a good time to ask how you did – and the perfect time to ask for a review if they’re happy.

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Unhappy customers need to be taken seriously. By giving them an immediate avenue for feedback and listening to their concerns, we make it much less likely that they’ll post a bad review somewhere. You find out what upset them and avoid bad reviews – that’s a win-win for you.

Why is this system so effective?

Text messaging is the #1 feature & app used on a smartphone – and here are 3 statistics to prove it:
SMS marketing

  1. 97% of Americans text at least once per day 13
  2. Text message open rates exceed 99%14 (email open rates are only 17-28%15)
  3. 95% of texts are read within 3 minutes.16

Everybody texts.

Everybody reads their texts.

And almost every text is read within 3 minutes.

Text messaging is the fastestmost effective way to reach customers. It gives the highest return on investment. Instead of struggling to get customers onto an email list, asking them to opt-in for text marketing is quick, easy, and painless.

The SEO benefits are amazing.

Online reviews affect your local rankings, affect which results get clicked on, and affect your customers’ decisions17. That’s a big impact – and one that we can influence by asking happy customers for reviews. Hiring an SEO specialist can cost $thousands; this service can accomplish a lot for much, much less.

Want reviews somewhere other than Google? No problem.

We use Google as an example for getting good reviews but they are not the only one. We can customize the service to get you good reviews on your site of choice. It can be Facebook, Yelp, ServiceMagic, Houzz – it’s up to you.

A business with more bad reviews than quality reviews scares me away.
– Every Single Customer

Work with unhappy customers – and improve your business too.

Mobile marketingDissatisfied customers are inclined to leave bad reviews if they feel they aren’t heard, or if their concerns aren’t taken seriously. That’s why it’s critical to be ‘complaint friendly’ – you want to catch a complaint before it becomes a bad review. This service asks every customer how their service was – and provides an outlet for feedback immediately if a customer is unhappy. Bad reviews never go away; we have to do our best to avoid them altogether.

And remember: the feedback from dissatisfied customers will ultimately help you improve your service. And this will help avoid future complaints. It’s a win-win situation.

Here’s what’s included:

  • 500 cards per month with your unique offer to hand out to customers18.
  • We reply to all your texts19.
  • We send your customers their coupon, which expires in 30 days.
  • We ask them to leave a review or leave feedback.
  • All you need to do is hand your cards out – it’s that simple.
  • 30 day money back guarantee20

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