kvCORE CRM Services

The kvCORE CRM is the best thing to happen to real estate marketing – but it’s so deep and complicated that knowing where to begin can be scary. Our kvCORE setup service will get you launched the right way, saving you time so you can focus on making money. We’ll set up your kvCORE website, create squeeze pages, setup custom campaigns, and more so you can hit the ground running. We also provide kvCORE support and custom kvCORE WordPress Website Design services.

kvCORE CRM Services

What is kvCORE CRM?

The kvCORE Platform, formerly known as Kunversion, is a real estate CRM – a Customer Relationship Management system – that includes a website and IDX. It helps real estate agents like you to capture leads and follow up with your clients. That sounds like what all realtors do every day but the difference is that kvCORE offers intelligent automation to that will warm your leads up while saving you a TON of time.

kvCORE’s intelligent automation includes unique and personalized emails, text messages, and drip campaigns that help build stronger relationships with your clients while you tend to other aspects of your business. As part of our behavioral automation setup services, we’ll setup customized Smart Campaigns that will nurture your leads while you’re busy – or while you’re asleep.

kvCORE CRM Setup Service

We offer a Done For You launch service that will quickly get the kvCORE Platform website working for you (without you spending hours working on it). Instead of wrestling with the learning curve, let us set it up for you right the first time so you can focus on what you’re best at.

Website Setup

  • Customize all website* settings
  • Customize your meta tags to target the areas you serve
  • Complete your agent profile with photo, bio and signature
  • Add MLS/NRDS IDs
  • Add social media links
  • Connect Facebook Messenger
  • Add Open House and Home Value widgets
  • Customize template accent color
  • Add your custom photos
  • Add your recruiting link (optional)
* Quotes are available for customizing a WordPress website

Lead Generation

We will create an customize the following contact, landing, and squeeze pages:

  • 1 Multi-Property squeeze page
  • 1 Seller squeeze page
  • 1 Market Report squeeze page

Smart Campaigns

We will install, customize and activate 4 Smart Campaigns:

  • 1 New Buyer campaign
  • 1 New Seller campaign
  • 1 Facebook Buyer campaign
  • 1 Sphere of Influence campaign

kvCORE Support (ongoing)

We know you’re busy and we’re available to help you focus on your bread & butter. As you get more familiar with kvCORE you’re going to want to squeeze every last drop of value out of it. We can provide ongoing kvCORE CRM support, building you new lead pages and squeeze forms as your business grows and evolves.

kvCORE Custom WordPress Websites

The kvCORE Platform provides an excellent starter website option that’s suitable for many agents and brokerages. It strikes a nice balance between a good looking website while allowing a focused set of customization options. Some of the things you can customize are:

  • About Section
  • Areas you serve
  • Background image
  • Blog Posts
  • Headshot
  • Slogan/Tagline
  • Social Media Links
  • Testimonials

It’s not a lot but it’s enough for a solid site. If you need a more robust set of features or if you want a custom look and feel to really stand out in the crowd, our custom WordPress Website Design & hosting services have got you covered.