How to buy a domain name

How to buy a domain name

Every business needs their own domain name – an address on the internet like

I use and recommend Namecheap because

  1. They are super easy to use
  2. They give you suggestions if the domain you want is taken
  3. They don’t try to upsell you on a ton of stuff you don’t need

Domains are bought from a registrar and paid on a yearly basis.

You can choose between different domain extensions – the letters at the end, like .com and .org.
Recently many new extensions have been added so there are many more possibilities if you can’t get a coveted .com.  The newest extensions include and many many more.  Namecheap is great about giving suggesting domains with different extensions if the on you searched for is not available.

Pro tip: search for domains by typing them into a browser’s address bar first

Searching for domains at a registrar is fine if you plan on buying them immediately.  If you are just checking to see if they are available and then plan on coming back later, your domain may not be available.  Some registrars will make it seem like the domain you wanted is taken and ask for an ‘offer’ to buy the domain.  Therefore, don’t search at a registrar unless you will buy immediately.

Wondering what domain extensions are available?  Check out which ones you can buy at Namecheap:

Not all domain are sold by all registrars but Namecheap seems to have most of them covered.  The checkmarks below represent ones that have been chosen for the domain search.
What domain extensions are available at Namecheap?

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