Digital Marketing Services

Thanks to the mobile phone revolution, your customers are closer than ever. Over 40% of smartphone owners search for local goods and services every single week. The question is whether your products and services are easy for them to find. Can they find you online and does your message inspire them to take action?

Bricks & Clicks Marketing specializes in understanding your business. We help you take your customer on a journey from awareness to consideration to purchase. We develop online marketing strategies that make you easy to Google and inspires your customers to take action. This could mean following you on social media, referring your brand to their peers or – ideally – purchasing your products or services.

Thanks to the internet, there’s more competition than ever before. You need a digital marketing partner that not only understands your business but also understands your goals. This helps us to create an online marketing strategy to help you be the obvious answer no matter where your customer is searching.

We’re your one-stop digital marketing agency, and you can count on us to provide specialized marketing consulting services like:

On-Site SEO Services

Companies that follow the best optimization practices have a distinct – and often insurmountable – competitive advantage. Our SEO practices consider search engines, social networks and news media in order to serve your target audience. We’ll not only increase your online visibility but we’ll put you in front of the right audience, at the time when they are ready to make a purchase.

PPC Marketing

Online advertising allows you to reach far beyond your existing networks and relationships. This is done via search advertising, display ads and social media. We’ll make sure you get the best ROI through strategic planning, engaging ads and a deep analytical approach.

Social Media Marketing

There’s a simple key to succes in social media: understanding your audience. The buying journey starts with discovery and goes to conversion. This means days or weeks – and sometimes months – of information gathering, review reading and sharing. Our combination of search marketing and social media will improve your rankings, increase traffic and build a customer base receptive to your offers.

Analytics & Conversion Rate Optimization

Understanding how your customers discover you and how they decide to become your customers is critical to digital marketing success. Our focus on data and analytics means that we know which metrics are important and which ones are just fluff. Focusing on what’s important allows us to tweak and fix marketing activities for maximum ROI. We’re able to identify inefficiencies and use this data to guide future content and website improvements.

Bricks & Clicks Marketing provides a peerless, integrated mix of digital marketing services and solutions that have one goal in mind: to increase your bottom line.