How to market on Facebook with a tracking pixel (aka Custom Audience)

Facebook is a fantastic advertising platform due to the detailed targeting possible. All of the demographic info we provide Facebook – personal details, location, likes, etc – can be used to advertise to a very specific audience. They even have algorithms that make guesses on whether someone is pregnant and what their income may be. … Read more

How to make your website mobile friendly

On April 21, Google updated their search algorithm. They started pushing mobile-friendly websites up in the rankings. And they started penalizing sites that did not adapt to mobile devices.
This much is clear: being mobile friendly is a critical aspect of online businesses now.

How to shorten a URL with

Sharing a link is common in today’s internet – everyone using a social network does it. It’s nice to know how to shorten a URL for sharing on social networks (especially for those that don’t shorten them automatically). For folks with online businesses or those marketing their businesses on the internet, it’s very useful to track how … Read more

Google Search now shows if a site is Mobile Friendly

If your site isn’t mobile friendly, it needs to be converted NOW. Google is always making changes to search to become as helpful and useful as possible. This week they’ve made a small but extremely significant change that will affect mobile traffic severely. In Google’s own words: Have you ever tapped on a Google Search result on … Read more