Email marketing still has the highest return on investment of any digital marketing method. Also, called Permission Marketing, it involves delivering anticipated, relevant, and personal messages to people who actually want them. And the best way to earn that permission is by treating your customers with respect.

Finding the right partner for your email marketing efforts is critical to your long-term success. Your customers’ permission is not given lightly and should not be taken for granted. We provide services that will increase your sign-up rates, your retention rates and – as a result – your sales.

More than a simple email marketing service

Email marketing is not just sending messages – it’s about building trust. It’s about building a relationship. Studies show that it takes 6-8 touches to convert a prospect into a buyer. Customers today are immune to traditional sales and marketing strategies. But email marketing is the most cost-effective way to turn a prospect into a viable lead due to automation.

As with our other digital marketing services, we take an integrated approach to your entire marketing strategy. Our range of email services includes the following:

  • Targeted business & consumer email lists to reach multiple audiences
  • Specially crafted B2B and B2C emails that produce lasting relationships
  • Direct marketing strategies that can turn browse into buy
  • Tracking and monitoring responses and other analytics to measure the exact ROI
  • Email address updating for maximum targeting efficiency

Our comprehensive approach to digital marketing provides added benefits for your company. We can incorporates your branding efforts, print media, direct mail advertising, and online presence to create synergy and boost your visibility, online traffic, and sales. We deliver exceptional services that produce results.