Love your customers and they’ll spread the word about you.

Our customized online review management program is designed to get you more repeat customers, create positive reviews online and attract new customers. Here's how it works:

More repeat customers

We craft a unique offer for your customers and design special business cards with your offer. You give this out to your customers after you serve them. To get their offer, they need to text us the special code on the card. We do the rest.

Get positive reviews

We handle all the communications. They text us, we confirm their offer, and ask how you did. We send happy customers a link to leave a review on your preferred review site. Good reviews = more customers and better SEO :)

Improve your business

If you have an unhappy customer, we send them a link to a private feedback form. They fill out the form, feel good about being heard, and we send you the feedback. This usually discourages them from leaving a bad online review too.

What you can look forward to.

You get more repeat customers, who come back for your special offer.

You get more positive reviews. This attracts new customers AND improves your search engine rankings (usually within 3 months).

You get feedback to improve your business - and give unsatisfied customers an outlet that helps avoid bad reviews.

What is this worth to your business?

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Do you want positive reviews?

Do you want to repeat customers?

Do you want feedback to improve your business?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help you today.

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Retail Stores
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Gyms & Fitness
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Golf Courses
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